Thursday March 23, 2017
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Public diplomacy has been crucial since the historical injustice of the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe) that accompanied the creation of the State of Israel at the hands of the international community over 65 years ago. What makes it more imperative is the ever-increasing globalization, the evolving modes of communication, the escalating global integration and an internationally dispersed Palestinian nation; the weight that public diplomacy carries in modern foreign policy and in a persuasive global conversation is more significant than ever before, especially for the Palestinian people.

The PLO Department of Culture and Information’s ultimate aim is to establish, refine and maintain an ongoing and openly communicative dialogue designed to inform and influence the wide-ranging and broadly diverse global community

The Department’s goal involves not only shaping the Palestinian national discourse to be presented locally and abroad, but also ensuring an accurate and complete representation of the repeatedly maligned Palestinian human narrative to various communities at large, by debunking:
o    Common misconceptions, frequent misrepresentations, general biases, universal stereotypes, regular generalizations and offensive labeling  

Through public diplomacy, the Department conveys the official government-to-government policy in a holistic discourse directly to societies and peoples worldwide

To thoroughly reach out to the multidimensional international community, the DCI goes beyond the use of conventional media outlets by creatively taking advantage of the continuously evolving avenues of public diplomacy, including:
o    Personal contact, media interviews, delegations, film, television, radio, music, art, social and educational exchange programs, the internet and social media

The PLO DCI strongly believes that people—not just states—matter in an increasingly interconnected world. Therefore, the Department adopts an integrative and comprehensive population-centric approach within which all the different components of national society are central to Palestinian foreign policy.


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